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Who is Amy?

Amy had a loving and generous spirit, and a beautiful smile. She was an exceptionally committed student at the Hunter College School of Social Work, who dedicated her life to social justice and building community. Just a few months before graduating, Amy was brutally murdered on her Brooklyn street as she made her way home from the subway. It was 9:45pm on March 8, 1999.

Amy was passionate about galvanizing communities to combat the broader social ills of poverty, violence, discrimination and deteriorating communities. Amy worked with battered women and people living with mental challenges. She was also a talented artist. It was Amy’s desire to use art as a social medium to foster relationships among people, giving them a sense of hope and a feeling of belonging.

The tragic loss of Amy Watkins has been felt deeply by her family and by her far-reaching community of friends, students, teachers and countless others who were touched by her inspiring life.